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The duo consists of two people - Oleksiy Donets (composer, mastering and mixing) and Anastasiia Romanova (vocalist, songwriter).
The several  months after they met in 2020 of the period of hard isolation, they had began recording the first demo versions of the future album. One of the first song was "Alone". The material for the upcoming album was recording in home studio for 5 months. 

In December 2020, the first video of the song "The Room" was released. The performance of the dancer Aorta is mesmerizing from the  first seconds of the video. The interweaving of melody and movement are in perfect balance.

 "Beatifull scar of society" is the first album, which was released in February 2021. Full of hopelessness and tragedy. The intertwined sound of synthesizers with cold and languid voices create a wonderful atmosphere for revealing the power of psychological texts and their meanings.

After the release of the material, the duo were invited to the online festival "Die in the disco" by Yamie Spechie. After that, the duo  received an invitation  to take part in  live on the Strict Tempo channel with the musicians Balvanera and Aurat.

The new EP "Paranoia" was released 3 months after the album. Increasing sexuality and anxiety .Shades of brutality and femininity at the same time is the perfect description of EP.

In May 2021, Anastasiia and Oleksiy gave their first concert at the underground festival in Ukraine "Back to Youth".

The biggest influence on the duo were bands such as Martin Dupont ,Depeche Mode and Nitzer Ebb.

In August 2021 duo went to live in an abandoned ghost town in war-ravaged eastern Ukraine.
The result is a concept album about the darkness and apathy that the duo felt. There is no place for a feeling of happiness and fullness of life.But there is another side that is always present in all people - hope.
Hope for a bright future. Therefore the name "Suffer | Hope".